Premium PTFE compounds for challenging applications

Headquarter of PTFE Compounds Germany GmbH

PTFE Compounds Germany GmbH is located in Biere closed to Magdeburg. The company develops and produces high quality PTFE Compounds and is a supplier and competent partner for various industries.

Our customer groups can be found in a variety of industry sectors such as mechanical engineering, oil and gas industry, laboratory equipment as well as filter and the automotive industry.

With our highly qualified and motivated employees, we are committed to deliver best in class quality products and services to all our customers. Customer satisfaction is our highest aim.

The importance of outstanding quality of our products is very well known by our employees. Therefore, they prideful take care of the quality of their work. Continuous training and motivation of our employees are the key factors that support this goal.

Our high-quality products and services are fully oriented so serve our customer’s requirements.

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PTFE Compounds Germany GmbH

Am Schiens 4
D-39221 Biere (near Magdeburg)

Phone: +49 39297 2339 - 0
Fax:      +49 39297 2339 - 99



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Freudenberg Sealing Technologies


Höhnerweg 2-4
D-69469 Weinheim



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