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The outstanding properties of Polytetrafluorethylen (PTFE) create a superiority in thermal properties compared to all other plastics and fluorine plastics. The maximum continuous operating temperatures range is defined from -200 °C up to + 260 °C.




The almost universal chemical resistance of PTFE has made it a highly favoured material for sealing applications. Only reducing agents such as alkali metals (sodium, potassium, etc.) and elemental fluorine and fluorine compounds have an impact on PTFE.


Another advantage of PTFE products is the excellent insulating properties. In addition hereon, the material has a very low coefficient of friction. Please click the product group in order to find detailed information on our product portfolio.

Modified PTFE


By usage of the modifier Perfluorpropylether (PPVE) a modification of PTFE is achieved. Modified PTFE is characterized by a reduced cold flow and a lower deformation under load.


It has fewer pores compared to regular PTFE as well as a lower permeation. Furthermore, mechanical properties such as yield stress, elongation and stiffness at high temperatures are improved.


Compounds on the basis of modified PTFE and PTFE


A PTFE-compound is a physical mixture of PTFE or modified PTFE with fillers of various kinds. By specific admixing of fillers, characteristics of the material can be improved. Hereby, customized compounds perfectly fitting to every single application are created.


Improvement areas are for instance:


                 Pressure resistance


                 Thermal conductivity

                 Reduction of the coefficient of thermal expansion


Please note that when selecting filler-materials for compounds, it is necessary to review the chemical resistance case by case basing on the application.


Our product range:



PTFE (Non Free Flow)

PTFE (Free Flow)


2. Modified PTFE


Modified PTFE (Non Free Flow)

Modified PTFE (Free Flow)


3. PTFE and modified PTFE Compounds


Free Flow and Non Free Flow Compounds


Possible fillers are:



                 Coke Carbon (Hard Carbon)

                 Electro Carbon (Soft Carbon) 

                 Ceramic e.g. Aluminium Oxide

                 Conductive Pigment


                 Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2)

                 Stainless Steel (Alloy)



Below please find a table of commonly used fillers that define our standard product portfolio. If your compound mixture is not listed, please contact us. We would be more than happy to help you.


Standard    no Standard




modified PTFE

   50 % Stainless steel

   40 % Bronze

   60 % Bronze

   55 % Bronze + 5 % MoS2

   10 % Glass

   15 % Glass

   20 % Glass

   25 % Glass

   15 % Graphite

   10 % Coke Carbon / Electro Carbon

   25 % Coke Carbon / Electro Carbon

   33 % Coke Carbon / Electro Carbon

   10 % Carbon Fiber

   20 % Carbon Fiber

   10 % PPS

   20 % PPS

4. Porous PTFE


  •           POR2
  •           POR5
  •           POR10
  •           Special settings


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